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TC Camp provides unique platforms for learning through rich discourse. With the Unconference our goal was to create dynamic cells of discussion focused on select topics. With Room 42, our goal is to provide an inclusive platform for learning about valuable information and research through informal discussions. The mission of TC Camp is to help elevate our collective knowledge so that we, as Technical and Professional Communicators, can make a difference.

Always be willing to explore new horizons.
New encounters lead to new insights.

The Origin Story

TC Camp

2014 to Present

In the beginning of TC Camp we hosted one day, in person, Unconferences in the US.  Inspired by the amazingly successful Data Mining Camp, put on by the San Francisco Bay ACM. Liz Fraley at Single-Sourcing Solutions thought it was worth the experiment to bring the unconference format to technical communications professionals.

They were great fun and action packed with loads of learning. The conversations were engaging and educational. Everyone came away from the day with more knowledge and more comradery than they could imagine. As a result of the unique approach of TC Camp, we were able to take down barriers to communication and open up more effective channels of sharing information across the many roles in the field of technical and professional communication. 

While we loved our days at camp, the logistics and practicality of hosting a single day in person event from the West coast to the East coast was becoming a bit overwhelming. There were other drawbacks. It was not practical for our global peers to attend. Also, because the event had to be attended in order to participate and gain knowledge, travel made it impossible for many in the States to attend.

So we took a break and while were on break trying to figure out how to build a better bridge, we created Room 42 and incubated the program under the pioneering Single-Sourcing Solutions. They provided the initial expertise and resources to get Room 42 started.

TC Camp is a registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity (2014)


From the inception of TC Camp the vision has always been to create a unique environment that promotes rich discourse. So much of what we retain comes from the edifying conversations we have with others. By engaging in dialogue with a varied and diverse group we strengthen our understanding. This helps us all become better communicators.


The mission of TC Camp has always been to provide a unique environment for substantive conversations. To provide an inclusive foundation for learning and engagement for the community of technical and professional communicators. To help elevate our collective knowledge so that we, as professional communicators, can make a difference.


TC Camp has always promoted candid conversations in a safe and accessible way. We foster diverse discourse where professionals can engage in meaningful ways that ignite and inspire growth.

At TC Camp, we value people who are interested in becoming better communicators in both Technical and Professional Communication fields.

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Everyone at TC Camp works hard to produce educational public service projects. We hope you’ll consider supporting our efforts to help us keep the innovative programing going.

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