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Room 42 is where practitioners and academics meet to share knowledge about breaking research. Room 42 is a new hybrid, taking the best parts of traditional webinars, interview-style podcasts, and online teaching to move us all in a new direction. In the room, you will find the leaders who are molding the new professionals and advancing the profession. Room 42 is where content professionals come share vetted, peer-reviewed research in and around content, writing, rhetoric, pedagogy, composition, argumentation, analysis, linguistics, and more to help us all be better communicators.

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How Humanities Studies Can Help Scientists Communicate Their Findings

In this episode of Room 42, Marybeth Shea brings you the tale of the English Professor in the chicken coop; A humanist, a social scientist, and a nitrogen/ammonia scientist specializing in flow across air, soil, and water systems walks into a poultry house… What happens next? Everything converges to solve a very complex, but not uncommon problem, demonstrating how to effectively communicate the need for–and the steps to–change some very wicked problems.

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