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Life is more interesting when you are involved. Same is true for Room 42. The programs are wonderful to watch and listen to, rich with wonderful guests sharing interesting and inspiring research. But imagine how much better it would all be if you were a part of it?!

Jump in!

There is more than one way you can get involved

There is always a way for you to contribute by sharing your knowledge, sharing your time, and sharing financially.

Be a featured guest

We are always interested in making new connections and meeting new people.

  • Do you have a research project or paper you would like to have it the spot light?
  • Have you authored a book then is published or soon to be?
  • Are you a practitioner in the fields of technical and professional communications or user design and you have a hot topic you would like to discus?
  • Do you know someone you want to nominate?

Then we would love to hear from you.

Simply send us an email with your contact information and related information and one of our team will reach out to you.

Be a part of the team

It takes a talented team to pull off a regular running show!

It's amazing how much work needs to happen behind the scenes in order to have a smooth show. Hours of research and reaching out happen in advance, not to mention the scheduling and the meetings in advance of show time. Then there is all of the work announcing and engaging the community not to mention all of the writing that goes into it. Who knew there would be so much writing for a talk show?!

There are two ways you could take part in the continued success and growth of TC Camp's Room 42. One way is to be one of our full or part time staff members. The other way is to be a volunteer or an intern.

Be a supporter

You can never have too many supporters!

Donations help us pay for the tools and resources required to host and broadcast Room 42. Your continued support is how we achieve that goal.

Our goal is to grow beyond the current programming and expand into larger special projects as well as increasing accessibility on a global scale. To do this, we need your help.

There are a variety of options for donations. Give once or once a month. Any amount, large or small, is appreciated.

TC Camp is a registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity (2014) All donations are tax deductible.

Spread the word!

We know people and you know people, let's get our people together!

We are active on all of the social media channels so there is always a way for you to repost via social media. But here are some other ways you can help spread the word:

Connect your friends/students/co-workers on the latest research or hot topic? Send them a link to one of our playback channels:

Listen on Apple podcasts  Listen on Google podcasts  Listen on Spotify  Listen on Stitcher Listen on Amazon music Listen on iHeartRadio Listen on Castos

Sign up to attend an upcoming session and invite others. Invite someone you know to sign up for the latest news.

Share your personal experience of Room 42. Did you attend? Were you a guest? We want to hear your candid views.

Did you learn something interesting or inspiring? Shout it out on Social Media Don't forget to tag us in your post!

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Support TC Camp

Everyone at TC Camp works hard to produce educational public service projects. We hope you'll consider supporting our efforts to help us keep the innovative programing going.

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