Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

—Margaret Mead

Our Executive Leadership

TC Camp’s leadership team has a strong background in running many projects simultaneously and knows how to hit deadlines and follow through on commitments. While we all have unique perspectives and strong convictions, our shared vision is to make a positive difference for the community we serve.

Scott Prentice, Executive Staff

email: Scott@TCCamp.org

With over 30 successful years in the Technical Communication profession, with the last 17 in a CEO roll, Scott possess a depth of understanding about what matters most for practitioners. He brings this insight to help shape the best technical communication unconference experience.


STC Associate Fellow, ASI Order of the Kohlrabi


Washington State University


Liz Fraley, Executive Staff

email: Liz@TCCamp.org

Over 23 years of a vast a varied career in the Technical Communications field, with the last 16 as a CEO, Liz has amassed an amazing knowledge base. She is also an avid reader and naturally very curious about discoveries and perspectives. Her wisdom is boundless but one thing she is particularly adept at is colliding worlds and bringing together some of the brightest and best minds. She also has a daring sense of adventure when it comes to trying unconventional projects that lead to strengthening the skills of those around her. We would not have TC Camp or Room 42 without her willingness to support and nourish experimental programs for the greater community.


STC Associate Fellow, ACM Senior Member


University of Maryland College Park

B.S. Computer Science

University of Southern Mississippi

MA English

Janice Summers, Executive Staff

email: Janice@TCCamp.org

Over 12 years experience serving the Technical and Professional Communications industry. Janice’s emphasis is always on educating and making the community stronger while building mutually beneficial relationships.


Psy Chi, Tau Delta Phi, Golden Key


San Jose State University

B.A. I/O Psychology

Our Amazing Supportive Team

Support Team & Volunteer Alumni

It takes a collaborative and driven team to get things done and to get it done smoothly. TC Camp has always been very blessed to have amazing people rising up to the occasion to help the organization achieve the goals of delivering events and programs that are hugely beneficial. Here are a few of the team members who make it all happen.

Marianne Rodgers, Graphic Artist

Marianne is the most brilliant graphic artist we have ever worked with. She has worked miracles for us over the years. She works with a number of sole proprietors and companies on various digital art projects, mostly in graphical data. These visuals demonstrate, teach, engage, and formulate ideas for various purposes with impressionable & number-producing results. Examples include: presentations, short videos, company history maps, process maps, meeting templates, corporate logos, advertising media & posters.

Alexander Hill, Digital Operations
Cherie Woodward, Event Operations Director
Viqui Dill (she/her), Event Operations Director
Li-At Rathbun, Communications Director
June Harton, Publicity Director


Each TC Camp had a dynamic team of volunteers helping make the Un-Conference flow seamlessly for all of the attendees. There is no way we could have pulled it off without them and we are eternally grateful for their support!

Thank You for being a part and making a difference!

Support TC Camp

Everyone at TC Camp works hard to produce educational public service projects. We hope you’ll consider supporting our efforts to help us keep the innovative programing going.

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