What Social Media Means for Technical Communicators

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In this episode, Huatong Sun discusses strategies of splicing networks and cultivating fan bases and with social media technologies.

In this episode

Huatong Sun is an Associate Professor of Digital Media and Global User Experience Design at University of Washington Tacoma. She studies how to design and innovate for usable, meaningful, and empowering technology to bridge differences in a globalized world. The author of two books, “Cross-Cultural Technology Design” (2012) and “Global Social Media Design” (2020) from Oxford University Press, she writes for public media including Fast Company and The Conversation, speaks at SXSW, STC, UXPA, CHI, and ATTW, and offers workshops at local SIGs and international conferences.

Discursive Affordances, Network-Building, and Cultivating Fan Bases! Social media technologies are often considered a marketing tool in the Technical Communications community. This limits our ability to take into consideration the transformative power to restructure our networks and build new platforms globally that are inclusive. 

Dr. Huatong Sun discusses some of her transnational fieldwork findings elaborated in her recent book “Global Social Media Design.” We review the iterations of her course “social media”, that she has been giving for the past eight years. And, we discuss the strategies of splicing networks and cultivating fan bases with social media technologies that are globally robust, i.e., designing for inclusivity by engaging cultural differences and nourishing differences into the design resources. 


Email: huatongs@gmail.com

Twitter: @huatongs

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/huatong-sun/

Faculty page https://directory.tacoma.uw.edu/employee/htsun

Featured research page https://works.bepress.com/huatong_sun/

Books and articles:

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